PutinGayDressUp.com Proves You Can Dress Vlad Up But You Still Can’t Take Him Anywhere

Gay Putin.com 2

A new website called PutinGayDressUp.com has been launched to support LGBT people in Russia.  The website allows users to create a ‘Gay Putin’, using  some very gay backdrops, props and outfits, (including a chihuahua, handbags, a wedding dress, a variety of sex toys and bondage gear) and an optional dance music soundtrack. .

The site notes the bill signed by Putin last June which bans the promotion of “non-traditional relationships”, and which has been heavily criticised as anti-gay.is “unacceptable”, and that anti-gay discrimination has risen since the introduction of the law.

“If you agree, support our fight, dress-up your own gay Putin and share with the world!

Despite the apparent good intentions behind the site, some have criticised it, claiming that it is “homophobic”, and that it perpetuates dated stereotypes about gay people.

One user tweeted: “F*cking hell, way to regurgitate 70s stereotypes”, while many others simply tweeted their glee at their creations.

Others questioned how the site would benefit LGBT Russians despite tweets from users saying they were “making a stand against discrimination”.

Despite this, thousands of users took to Twitter and Facebook to share their edited images.

Where’s yours?.

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