Indianapolis Bakery Brazenly Refuses To Bake Same-Sex Wedding Cake, Bigots Line Up In Support

Fuck You cake


Thursday night the 111 Cakery in Indianapolis, Indiana brazenly posted on it’s Facebook page that it had refused to sell a cake for a “same-sex ceremony.” because they are “artists” and need inspiration and same-sex marriage just doesn’t do it for them.

We have made it our commitment to treat every person that walks through the door with Respect & Kindness. It is important to know that we have never refused to do business with any person based on who they are or what they believe. As Christians we have a sincere love for people.

As artist we must find the inspiration to create something special for our clients. When asked to do a cake for an occasion or with a theme (alcohol explicit in nature) that is in opposition to our faith, that inspiration is not found. We feel that it is important for a paying customer to know when this is the case. Why would you want a cake that is less then inspired for your special event. That is why this week we told a man that requested a cake for a same sex ceremony that it was against our policy but we would be happy to help him with anything else. It was not that we wanted to deny them a cake it’s just tough to create something that goes against your beliefs. Was this the right thing to say? Maybe not but this phone call caused us to do a lot of soul searching because we want to be right with our God as well as respect others. We have not heard from this man but would welcome a chance to meet with him. We sincerely wish them the best.

Please know that there is zero hate here. We are not judging the lives of our clients. We are not trying to make a political statement or change someone’s mind. We respect the fact that everyone has different values and believes. Everyone is entitled to their opinion we would encourage you to share those in a respectful way. We have happily done cakes for gay people, as well as people with different believes. We are just a small family business trying to bring happiness with cake. You may criticize this response but realize it is sincere and from the heart not a letter drafted by an attorney. We thank our friends, customers and others in the community for your support.

The McGath Family

The 111 Cakery states  it treats all customers with “kindness and respect” at the same time as putting “gay couples” in the same category as alcohol, violence and drugs and claim to be “artists” (But then again so did Hitler.)

Now as for “artists”.  Artists also get commissioned to create. Express your artistry and put it on display. Privately accept or deny requests for commissioned work. But do not open a business to the general public and then decide to exclude or refuse to provide service because you do not like the “personal traits” of some of your public.  You are no artist. You are businessmen and bakers.  Artists create to express without any expectation of profit. ( thus the term “starving artist”) You are creating for profit, not at all the same thing.

While Indiana does not have statewide public accommodation protections for LGBT citizen it is ILLEGAL in the city of Indianapolis, where the bakery is licensed to operate. (In  Indy’s gay neighborhood no less)   But according to an article from bigots are lining up to support he 111 Cakery.”

“But late Friday, McGath was busy as ever ringing up sales of cupcakes and cookies for supportive customers. None of them would give their names to a reporter, but one woman said to McGath, “I seen y’all on TV, and I’m not mad with you. I feel the same way.” Another woman, as she left with her purchase, turned to a reporter standing nearby and said, “tolerance goes both ways.” A male customer sealed his transaction with McGath by shaking the baker’s hand, an unusually demonstrative way to wrap up a deal over a cupcake.”

One lone protester stood outside of the business on Friday.  That will not do.  Indianapolis queers represent and get your asses out there.  As for the rest of us we can post a message on the 111 Cakery’s YELP page.

It’s not just a cake.  It’s discrimination.






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  1. A bigot is a bigot no matter how much you apologize. Sorry, but don’t waste your time with yelp. They will delete your message unless you have had a specific experience with the business. It happened to me recently. Better still Phone:(317) 634-1110 and let the owner know that their apology is not accepted and that they are bigots. And first explain to them that “as Christians” they are hypocrites and do not have “sincere love for everyone”.

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