Hotel Raid Leads To First Arrests Under Uganda’s New Anti-Gay Law

Uganda arrests

According to Trending Newsroom two men have been arrested under Uganda’s new anti-gay law can result in life imprisonment for LGBT Ugandans, . The men were detained at a hotel in the town of Jinja earlier this week after a hotel employee reported them to police:

Two men were arrested this week in a Kampala hotel after a lodging attendant caught them having sex and subsequently informed the police. According to reports,  moans were heard about 20 minutes after the men had checked into the room they had booked in the hotel.  Shortly after being informed on the police arrived at the scene, handcuffed the two men and took them away.

Widely condemned as a harsh and a fundamental breach of human rights, the new law has led to some, but not all Western nations suspending aid to Uganda and the World Bank has also postponed the immediate disbursement of a $90m loan to the governmental corrupt and  impoverished country.

Ugandan authorities have are defending the law and the arrests by saying that Uganda’s President Museveni wanted to demonstrate Uganda’s independence in the face of Western pressure and provocation.


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  1. Please link to the original story. The Trending Newsroom link only sends you to their main page, not the original story.

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