Ezra Klein’s VOX Hires LGBT’s Most Hated, Self Loathing Homo Journalist Brandon Ambrosino


Vox, the news and policy site headed by Ezra Klein, announced on March 12 that Brandon Ambrosino had been hired as a writing fellow.

Yes that’s right, Brandon Ambrosino the self loathing homo-journalist and “proud” graduate of Jerry Falwell’s Liberty University who claims that he “chose” to be gay, defended Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson, uses the slur “tranny” regularly. and thinks that Ronald Reagan’s best friend and Moral Majority leader Jerry Fawell  has been unfairly maligned by progressives and the gay community. (And that’s just the tip of the self-loathing iceberg.)

This is who Ezra Klein chooses as his be his go-to gay on LGBT issues at VOX.

The real question here is why?

I think it’s probably one of these three reasons:

1. Klein and staff at VOX are clueless when it comes to LGBT journalist and media. There are far better and less dangerous choices in the LGBT journalist pool.

2. Klein and staff at VOX  know exactly what they are doing and are using the gay community by purposely choosing Ambrosino to push traffic, no matter how negative to their new site.

3.  Ambrosino must give a helluva blowjob because his self-loathing, convoluted, and inaccurate, articles sure the hell didn’t get him the gig.

Let Ezra Klein know that  Brandon Ambrosino is not only the worst possible choice for the LGBT voice of his new media outlet VOX, but also that the inaccuracies and lies that Ambrosino puts into print are dangerous to the well being of the LGBT Community.

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