BUSTED! – Department of Justice Launches Investigation Of Michelle Bachmann

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Late last year the Department of Justice demanded records from an outside “super PAC”  as it investigates an improperly coordinated strategy with Bachmann’s campaign staff, including her husband, in violation of election laws. The DOJ  is looking into the super PAC’s finances and its communications with Bachmann; her “husband” Marcus Bachmann,  and former staff members, according to a grand jury subpoena reviewed by The New York Times.

The investigation stems from a complaint a former campaign staff member made to the Federal Election Commission and to the F.B.I. The staff member told of overhearing the president of the super PAC asking a Bachmann senior adviser about buying advertising on radio and TV stations in Des Moines ahead of the Iowa caucus on Jan. 3, 2012 and investigations are centered on secret payments that her campaign made to state Sen. Kent Sorenson in exchange for his support and help in the 2012 Iowa caucuses. The House Ethics Committee is investigating on where to trade bitcoin gold and campaign finances to promote her poorly selling biography Core of Conviction.

The DOJ investigation stems from information obtained from the FBI that appears to show the Bachmann’s violating at least 11 election laws.

While Bachmann may have technically retired from Congress, in reality she quit because the criminal investigations were closing in on her.

The case against her is still being investigated.

2 thoughts on “BUSTED! – Department of Justice Launches Investigation Of Michelle Bachmann

  1. What goes around, comes around. I hope in the course of the investigation some of the misuse of funds by her husband are discovered to either be for hush money to men he’s had sexual contact with, payments to gay sex clubs or similar venues and that it is all revealed on the national news….it would be fitting given the hateful rhetoric she has spewed forth!

  2. Michele Bachmann never “technically retired from Congress.”

    She did say she won’t run for reelection. But her current term does not expire until January 2015.

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