Boston Mayor Marty Walsh Vows To Boycott St. Patrick’s Day Parade If Gay Vets Can’t March

Marty Walsh

Boston Mayor Marty Walsh, has vowed that if a deal isn’t struck and a group of openly gay group of veterans can’t march in Sunday’s South Boston Saint Patrick’s Day Parade then he won’t participate and will boycott the event.

Walsh, who is of Irish decent added via a WCVB tweet that the debate was not in step with the times: “I can’t understand why in 2014 we’re still having this discussion, this debate. I think it’s far beyond time.” adding “The controversy is … it’s really not controversy.  It’s stubbornness at this point and it’s time to stop being stubborn.”

Earlier this week Boston’s own hometown beer company Sam Adams pulled their sponsorship from the parade.

Walsh remains optimistic that a deal can and will be reached.


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