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Vladimir Putin: Gays Are Welcome At Sochi Just Leave The Children Alone

Vlad Hitler Putin

Vladimir Putin sought Friday to downplay the the countries newly enacted anti-gay laws that have outraged millions across the globe in the wake of the Winter Olympics by stating that  LGBT visitors to the Sochi Olympics are welcome in Russia but also added that they must “leave the children in peace.”

Responding to a question from an Olympics volunteer during a visit in the Black Sea resort city, Putin vowed that gays face no discrimination in Russia and should feel “at ease.”

But he emphasized that because of a Russian law banning gay “propaganda” among minors, they cannot express their views on gay rights issues to anyone under age.

We aren’t banning anything, we aren’t rounding up anyone, we have no criminal punishment for such relations … One can feel relaxed and at ease, but please leave the children in peace.

Putin appeared to lump homosexuality and pedophilia together.

“We have no ban on nontraditional sexual relations. We have a ban on propaganda of homosexuality and pedophilia, I want to underline that, on propaganda among minors,” he said.

Putin and other Russian politicians have defended the June propaganda law as a protection of child rights, but in reality the law has been used to discriminate, harass, and physically abuse against sexual minorities. The law specifically refers only to “propaganda of nontraditional sexual relations.”

Putin insisted the measure isn’t discriminatory.

“We aren’t banning anything, we aren’t rounding up anyone, we have no criminal punishment for such relations, unlike many other countries,” he said. “One can feel relaxed and at ease, but please leave the children in peace.”




4 thoughts on “Vladimir Putin: Gays Are Welcome At Sochi Just Leave The Children Alone

  1. This man is totally brain-damaged!
    Following his words every homosexual is a pedophile!

    By saying that homosexual people are welcome to Sochi (btw the most corrupt olympic games ever, according to the IOC itself!) but to stay away from the russian children this backward idiot implies that every homosexual is a child-abuser!

    What would the world say when he would have said: “Every negro is welcome to Sochi, but stay away from our russian children”, would then the world be as silent as they are now? I seriously doubt it!
    Or, what would the world have said in reaction when this incompetent impotent idiot would have said “Every chinese is welcome to Sochi, but stay away from our children”? Would then there be not a load of protests from all around the world flooding Russia? I bet there would be cancellations from all kinds of authorities, even the Dutch heavy delegation would re-consider their King and Queen to be present in Sochie…
    But now it is mentioned on and about homosexual people the world is silent…….. Doesn’t that show how serious the concern is by the world about homosexuality and homosexuals?
    Presidents can go on equaling homosexual people to pedophiles without any problem, religious child-abusers can go on to qualify homosexual people to criminals, freaks and what other sorts of mistfits they can come up with, and no one stands up but the homosexual people themselves and protest!

    Shame on the world! Shame on all those straight so-called allies of the homosexual people!

  2. Putin, is absolutely correct. I am at a loss to understand where the anti-Russian animus on the part of a few self-appointed gatekeepers of LGBT political correctness is coming from. For example, those who make absurd comparisons of Russia to the Third Reich are curiously mute about the new Draconian law just passed in Nigeria. Nigeria has criminalized all gay meetings, clubs, associations, and organizations with a prison sentence of fourteen years.

    The rather mild anti-child propaganda law passed in Russian is not even remotely as punitive as the anti-gay measures and murders sweeping across Africa.

    1. Berl Jay Hubbell, in fact you are right, as far as the law itself concerned!
      The law in Russia is, when reading it to the letter, against “propaganda” (or the informing) of minors on and or about homosexuality.
      One must know that Russia had no laws that protected minors against abuse, not social abuse, and no sexual abuse!

      The huge problem though is that now this law exist, the law is in fact the one that is abused, by those who are opposing homosexuality, and who cite the law as justification for attacks, torturing and killings!

      An added problem is that Putin is so out of touch with reality now a days that he (as is assumed) misses out on what is happening on the streets, and people around him are either too stupid to inform him, or too afraid to tell him that he signed a bill into law that is so ill-worded that it can be used for abuse of in fact a structured part of Russian society… homosexuality!

      The problem is not the protection of minors for abuse, the problem is the abuse by religious Russian-Orthodox terrorists who put the people up to attacking those who are (assumed to be) homosexual, together with those who are always against homosexuality… the extremists!

      And yes, the more there’s protest, the clearer it becomes that it is a injustice, and must be corrected!

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