Tea Party Loon James Corsi Claims Obama Will Use Gays and AIDS To Bring In Socialism

James Corsi Tea Party

Tea party activist, author, and right-wing extremist lunatic James Corsi is claiming that gay people with AIDS are being enlisted by the Obama administration to destroy the health insurance system and usher in socialized medicine.

Corsi whi writes columns for Wingnut World Daily and pushes the theory that explosives inside the TWC buildings, not just the planes hitting them, during the attacks states that “The Obama administration’s emphasis on enrolling the LGBT community in Obamacare strongly suggests it has an unspoken agenda of shifting to healthy citizens the extraordinary financial burden of providing services to the unique demographic, which is afflicted disproportionately by AIDS and other health issues,” Corsi wrote in a Dec. 25 column. (Corsi also believes that “Obamacare will lead to death panels”

“You’re going to spend a minimum of $30,000 to $40,000 a year just for the treatments to keep someone with HIV infection alive, and probably extending their life for 20 years is going to cost about a million dollars. Now that cost has got to be borne somewhere.

Even the HIV/AIDS community is going to have to wonder if they’re going to be paid $30,000, $40,000 (or) $50,000 — up to $500,000 a year — for their treatments under a government system,

What Obama has done is create a situation where the costs of private health insurance are just extraordinary, so the solution to the one-pay solution after this private system crashes is that, yes, we’ll probably get a universal health care program medical paid by the government, one payer, but it’s not going to be very good (and) you’re not going to be able to do very much with treatment.

When you eliminate at-risk so that everybody’s got to be covered and you can’t ask people questions that are embarrassing, I mean, it really is not even about pre-existing conditions except for this one group that does not want to get lifestyle questions asked, does not want to be penalized on health insurance because they’re going to live a lifestyle where the sexual activity of that lifestyle is still very highly correlated with a very infectious and very expensive disease: HIV/AIDS.

[Obamacare] It’s going to implode, and then the government will have to take it over.”

You know in the past, the village idiot was confined to his own town.  Now, because of modern technology, Jerome Corsi can irritate and spew shit to EVERYONE!



2 thoughts on “Tea Party Loon James Corsi Claims Obama Will Use Gays and AIDS To Bring In Socialism

  1. Gee. I am astonished. Neither I nor any of my HIV positive friends are spending $30,000, $40,000 or even $50,000 per year to stay alive. With or without insurance. I wonder how this dipshit feels about the millions upon millions spent to keep Dick “Darth Vader” Cheney alive for his heart transplant? Was this money well spent? What about all the people suffering from pancreatic cancer? Is that money well spent when their situation is certainly and unfortunately terminal? This is not about the Affordable Care Act. This is about pure homophobic bigotry. Just another example of a disgusting closet case.

    I can’t say anymore become you summed it up very nicely when you called him a lunatic.

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