Pope Francis’ New Spanish Cardinal: “Homosexuality a ‘defect’ that can be cured.”

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The Pope’s new Spanish Cardinal Fernando Sebastián has called homosexuality a physical “defect” that can be cured.

Fernando Sebastián told the Spanish newspaper Diario Sur on Monday that: “Homosexuality is a defective manner of expressing sexuality, because [sex] has a structure and a purpose, which is procreation.

“A homosexual who can’t achieve this (procreation) is failing,” he said.

He continued: “Our bodies have many defects. I have high blood pressure.”

He added that calling homosexuality a defect was “not an insult” but is instead helpful because it is “possible to recover and become normal with the right treatment.”

“It’s one thing to be compassionate towards a homosexual person and another thing to morally justify the practice of that homosexuality,” he said.

1 thought on “Pope Francis’ New Spanish Cardinal: “Homosexuality a ‘defect’ that can be cured.”

  1. Perhaps the defective newly appointed Cardinal can be “fixed”… by for instance starting an investigation into his practices at home, prior to his appointment to positions at the Vatican…….

    Or, more wickedly, let him spent a couple of weeks with the 90% homosexual Swiss Guard of the Vatican…… perhaps we find out how active he actually is there….. :-{)

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