Perkins, Brown, and Sprigg Cry Over Virginia AG Mark Herring Supporting Gay Marriage – Whaaaa!


Now that Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring is the first Democrat to hold his state’s top legal job since 1993. and has publicly stated that he will side with the  plaintiffs opposing the state’s gay marriage ban, reversing the position held by the defeated (and rabidly anti-gay) Ken Cuccinelli the professional hater crybabies are out in force with their usual histrionic whining and the gnashing  of teeth.

Brian Brownshirt of The National Organization for Marriage:

“The Attorney General swore an oath that he would ‘support…the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Virginia’ and faithfully discharge his duties, which include defending duly enacted laws like the state’s marriage amendment. Yet now Attorney General Herring is participating in a lawsuit against the very people he is sworn to represent, the citizens of Virginia who preserved marriage in their constitution. This malfeasance and neglect of duty is not only a disgrace, it’s an impeachable offense under the constitution. Section 17 of the Virginia state constitution provides that the Attorney General may be impeached for ‘malfeasance in office, corruption, neglect of duty or other high crime or misdemeanor.’

“Thanks to the foresight of Ken Cuccinelli, there is a governmental entity who is defending the law now that the Attorney General has abandoned his constitutional responsibility. Prince William County Circuit Court Clerk Michele McQuigg is in a position to defend the law and appeal a decision if need be. We call on the General Assembly to make sure that she has the financial and legal resources and expertise needed to effectively defend the law. We also encourage the General Assembly itself to intervene to defend the people’s decision to preserve marriage.” – Hate group leader Brian Brown, in a statement posted to NOM’s blog.

Tony Perkins:  White supremacist and hate group president of The Family Research Council:

“Someone should have handed Virginia’s new Attorney General a job description before he was sworn in. With barely a month under his belt, the radical liberal seems to be completely confused about his role as the state’s chief law enforcer. Despite his campaign promises on same-sex ‘marriage,’ the new AG is obviously taking lessons in lawlessness from President Obama, whose administration never met a marriage law they didn’t ignore. Like a majority of states, Virginia had overwhelming support (57%) to pass its marriage amendment in 2006. Now, under the new regime of Democratic Governor Terry McAuliffe and Attorney General Mark Herring, the democratic process has been tossed out the window — along with the votes of 1,328,134 Virginians. This week, the new attorney general announced his intentions to fight the constitutional amendment — by not enforcing it. Of course, the irony is, if there weren’t laws to defend, there’d be no reason to have an attorney general in the first place! If Mark Herring wanted to write legislation, he should have stayed in the state Senate. Instead, he’s decided not only to ignore his responsibilities but trample on the people who gave them to him.” – KKK-affiliated hate group leader Tony Perkins, who using Herring’s move to harvest emails for the FRC.

Family Research Council vice president Peter Sprigg:

(Sprigg has said in the past that Lawrence v Texas was “wrongly decided” and there should be “criminal sanctions against homosexual behavior.” He’s also declared that gay people should be “exported” out of the United States.)



Virginia Roman Catholic Bishop Paul Loverde and Bishop Francis DiLorenzo:

“Virginia voters put this provision in the Constitution, and no politician should be able to reverse the people’s decision. We call on the Attorney General to do the job he was elected to perform, which is to defend the state laws he agrees with, as well as those state laws with which he personally disagrees. We will continue to defend marriage between a man and a woman, an institution whose original design predates all governments and religions. The Government of the Commonwealth of Virginia should preserve and defend this original design because the constituent majority that supported the constitutional amendment understands the unique benefit that marriage between a man and a woman provides to individual families and society at large.”

I love the smell anti-gay haters loss and desperation in the morning.

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