NOM’s Brian Brown Invades Utah – Lock Up The All You Can Eat Buffets In SLC!

Bryan Brown evil

“Brian Brown, president of the National Organization for Marriage, said Utah has become the epicenter of the fight over marriage and how it’s decided. “Activist judges now feel no qualms in simply putting forward their opinion as the law,” Brown said. “The people of Utah voted on this.” Brown’s Washington, D.C.-based group, which opposes same-sex marriage, held a rally inside the Capitol building with a local group called Celebration of Marriage. About 700 people attended, with many holding pink and blue signs handed out by organizers with messages such as “Biology is not bigotry.” Several supporters of gay marriage were escorted out by security officers after they interrupted the event by yelling, “Equality now.” Several protesters sat on the floor in the middle of the event and threw glitter. Rod Arquette, a local radio host serving as host of the event, addressed the gay marriage supporters interrupting the event. “We do not hate you. We do not despise you,” he said. “But we want to stand up for what we believe in.”

We don’t hate you — as long as you stay in your place’ has long been a mantra of civil rights opponents. They just dress up the slogans to fit the time and place but it’s bad old-fashioned hate, with or without the flavorful whipped topping of religion.

At least we know where Comrade Brown was last night…

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