Mayor Of Sochi’s Olympic Village Defends Heinous Russian Anti-LGBT Law

Mayor Of Sochi Olympic Village

Svetlana Zhurova, a gold medal-winning figure skater and lawmaker in the Russian parliament who has been named the “Mayor” of Sochi’s mountain Olympic Village has stated  in an interview with the independent Russian TV channel Dozhd that she proudly voted for Russia’s anti-gay law “to stop people promoting it to minors.” and still defends it despite the backlash from countries around the globe.

Zhurova claimed that many European politicians who oppose the law had told her in private that they actually supported it and that Russian celebrities who support the law had been told by their sponsors to stay quiet. She added, “I just think they shouldn’t show a cartoon on TV — excuse me, I have two boys — where a king loves another king.” She went on to tell a “joke” about the law: “If someone says he’s Napoleon, he’ll be taken straight to the appropriate institution. If he says he’s a woman, then basically nothing happens to him, he’s fighting for his rights.”

And yet America is still going “for the athletes”.  FUCK THAT!

No tolerance for intolerance!  Boycott Sochi. Boycott NBC’s Coverage.  Boycott whole of Russia!



1 thought on “Mayor Of Sochi’s Olympic Village Defends Heinous Russian Anti-LGBT Law

  1. I think activists need to focus their ire on our home-grown all-American bigots like the Duck Dynasty and the A&E network and their sponsors. Let’s boycott Indiana and all its companies. Let’s boycott every anti-marriage equality state and nation. Let’s boycott all those states which HQ anti-LGBT organizations like Focus on the Family.
    LGBT activists should have a presence at the Sochi Olymipics and support all non-bigoted athletes rather than boycott it.
    Seriously, when California voters passed the anti-gay Proposition 8, I don’t recall calls for boycotting all of California although we targeted the individual businesses who funded it.
    This scatter-shot kind of boycott is counter-productive because it punishes the innocent liberal Russians along with the bigots.

    I came out in 1969 when sodomy laws made it a crime to be gay in every state in the USA and we risked imprisonment just to congregate in a public place. Russia is still quite liberal when compared to terror of persecution I went through in my youth in California.

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