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Coca-Cola Dropped From Major UK LGBT Awards Show‏ Due To Sponsorship of Sochi Olympics


Coca-Cola has been dropped from the Brand of the Year shortlist for the UK’s 2014 Out in the City and G3 Magazines award ceremony because of its sponsorship of the Sochi Winter Olympics. The Awards dubbed the UK’s  “Gay Oscars” pay tribute to high profile LGBT people and companies who show support to the gay community in the last year.

Sarah Garrett, managing director of the company which produce the awards, said: ‘It is bitterly disappointing that Coca-Cola has not listened to the collective voice of the global gay community who are horrified by the Putin government’s anti-gay and repressive policies.

‘Brands like Coke should be making a stand against the demonetization of gay people by withdrawing sponsorship for the Winter Olympics. Refusing to do so is a slap in the face to the international gay community.’

The company has unsuccessfully been trying downplaying its sponsorship of the Sochi Winter Olympics in the West, as not to upset gay rights activists and has been making some major fumbles inciting more anger to brand in the LGBT community. Coke has been caught trying to delete and scrub its Facebook pages of any anti-Coke and anti-Sochi comments and visitors to the Share a Coke website which has been running since the summer and encourages you to create your own virtual personalized Coke can has banned the word “gay” Visitors have found that if you type in the word “gay” or “gays” an ‘Oops’ message appears which is usually only displayed if the user tries to type a swear word. The words ‘Straight’ and ‘Hetero’ are both deemed acceptable.

Feel free to drop by Coke’s “I’d Like To Teach The World To Sing” Facebook page and let them know how you feel.



Will Kohler

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