AFA’s Bryan Fischer: Being Transgender Is A Lie Created By SATAN! – Video

Bryan Fischer

American Family Association’s resident spokes-douche Bryan Fischer Friday came out with more insane remarks about the LGBT community this time saying that transgender people are “anti-science.”

“Who are the people operating in the realm of science?” Fischer asked on his un-widely heard radio show. “Well, it’s us because we know you’re either male or female by DNA assigned to them at the moment of conception by a creator God who doesn’t make those kind of mistakes.”

He went on to say that rejecting lies in the name of Jesus will cause trans people to “be free of their gender confusion.”

“If we embrace the truth that we find in the Scriptures,” Fischer said, adding, “that you are either male or female, DNA does lie, anatomy doesn’t lie, and you take authority over any lie that comes into your mind, then you eventually will be thinking straight about your sexual identity. So we’re the ones that are operating in the realm of science here.”

Bryan Fischer, a bad joke from God.

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