NOM’s Brian Brown: We’ll Get 51 GOP Senators And Destroy The LGBT Movement. GIVE US MONEY!

Bryan Brown evil

Tis the season for all “loving christian” anti-gay hate groups to send out their year end money begs for right-wing welfare. Here we have NOM’s Brian Brown changing his tune about the Senate filibuster rules (he was against the change) in his (allegedly) final money beg of the year promising to buy GOP Senators and smash the LGBT movement.

“Dear XXXXX,

We’re striving for 51. What would it mean if we had 51 US senators who supported marriage as the union of one man and one woman to go along with the majority of US House members we already have? It means we would be able to move forward legislation such as the Marriage and Religious Freedom Act, which was introduced in the House by Rep. Raul Labrador and is expected to be introduced in the Senate shortly. This legislation would protect people and groups who stand for marriage in the public square against government retaliation. It means we’d be able to stop the Obama Administration from the regulatory power grab they are deploying to ignore federal law and impose same-sex ‘marriage’ wherever they can — in the military, among immigrants, etc. 

“And it means that we’d have a fighting chance at advancing Rep. Tim Huelscamp’s proposed Federal Marriage Amendment, which would preserve marriage across the country as the union of one man and one woman and strip courts of their authority to redefine marriage. Imagine how good it would feel after being on defense for so long to be able to pass federal laws protecting marriage, to hold the IRS and the Obama Administration to account and to advance a federal marriage amendment that would make the federal courts powerless to redefine marriage ever again?  This is all within our grasp if we can hold the House and gain control of the US Senate. But that will happen only if you help us by making a year-end contribution right now to our Marriage Victory Fund.”

As usual Brian Brown is talking out of his ample ass. A ban would then need to be approved by 3/4ths of the states AFTER Congressional approval like that will ever happen.

Nice try fat boy.  Just tell your lemming you need money to keep your $500k salary and your lifetime pass to Golden Corral.  It’s more believable.

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