Duck Dynasty Is Fake! – Dusty Smith Exposes Yuppies Turned Rednecks for A&E “Reality” Show

Duck Dynasty is FAKE

Now that the duckshit has hit the fan over Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson and his outrageous anti-gay and racially bigoted slurs truth about the A&E so -called reality show is beginning to come out including the fact that its a FAKE.  It seems that what A&E is trying to pass off as a rough and tumble show about a family of rough and tough backwoods duck hunters trying to make a living is nothing but television smoke and magic and that the family is quite well off and the good ole boys in reality are a bunch of golf playing yuppies.

Do they really run a duck call business? Yes. But other than that and Phil Robertson’s bigotry seems to be as far as the truth goes.

Watch as REAL southerner Dusty Smith exposes Ducky Dynasty and the Robertson klan below.

11 thoughts on “Duck Dynasty Is Fake! – Dusty Smith Exposes Yuppies Turned Rednecks for A&E “Reality” Show

  1. Your interpretation of the bible is so backwards it’s sick! Am I supposed to be more impressed by your ‘intelligence’ because you can swear? And you’ve proven nothing! You must have gotten your investigative skills from watching CSI. Wow!

    1. So then Jenny are you saying that Robertson is correct, and that God essentially has less love for his black and gay children than the white, straight ones? Sorry, but YOU are the one who needs help interpreting the Bible. We ACTUAL Christians are sick of hypochristians giving us a bad reputation.

  2. we are know that the show was fake, that is if you can think for yourself, as we are laughing at them, they are laughing all the way to the bank. But when people think because they have millions of dollars and on TV they can say anything, it’s time to shut them down. Can’t wait till one of there kids come out as gay, but would you and lose millions?

    1. I’m going to guess that at least half of their family are closeted gays. I think they need to donate EVERY LAST CENT of their wealth the poor, gay organizations, and black causes. Or in lieu of that, stop pretending to be Christians. We all know they are nothing but hypochristians and Dusty, stop hating on people of faith. We ACTUAL Christians etc. know what it’s all about, stop lumping us in with the hypochristians. THANKS.

  3. Yes, they went to college and were in the 9-5 world for a bit before Willie built up his father’s business. It certainly does not make the show “faked”. Neither A&E or any person on hte show has ever tried to present the situation as otherwise. Nobody said they grew up in the backwoods – they were taught those values by Phil and now can afford to live them. How many people Phil’s age in your southern states are Pro-Gay? I’m thinking that it’s not very many. Like racism everywhere else, it will grow weaker with each generation. You have a more enlightened attitude but are a good 25-30 years younger than he is.

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