Duck Dynasty Fans Create National Chick-Phil-A Day – QUACK! QUACK! (I told you so) QUACK!



And here we go!

In response to A&E’s recent suspension of Duck Dynasty’s patriarch Phil Robertson over his racial and anti-gay remarks, groups around the country are beginning to promote Jan. 21 as National Chick-Phil-A Day. Those that support Robertson are encouraged to wear camo and/or Duck Commander gear and eat at a Chick-Fil-A restaurant on that day.

The movement (?) has more than 25,000 sign ups for their event, and wants all freedom of speech and God loving Americans to support the restaurant chain and the show.

“Join a national movement in supporting two of the biggest brands to have, in recent history, come under fire for sharing an opinion on personal faith-based beliefs,” the group’s Facebook page said. “Join us on January 21st as we make a loud and undeniable statement… we will no longer be silent.”

Chick-fil-A who knows a little something about anti-lgbt controversies, has issued a statement that the restaurant chain “is in no way affiliated with or sponsoring the Chick-Phil-A Day events”

QUACK! QUACK! (I told you so!) QUACK!

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  1. The fact the right still sees this as a free speech issue shows the don’t understand the issue at all. I think the fact people are seeing the DD characters are the people they want to model their lives after is hilarious. What losers. Well water really does find its own level doesn’t it. I take comfort in the fact that I am above that and have evolved enough to know better.

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