Is Duck Dynasty Becoming The Next Chick-fil-A Disaster for HRC and GLAAD?



Well here we go again kids.

Learning absolutely nothing from the Chick-fil-A disaster of 2011 both GLAAD and HRC are falling back into their “failure to follow-up mode” again this time regarding the hate speech of Phil Robertson of the A&E’s “reality” show Duck Dynasty and allowing the right-wing to twist it into a “freedom of speech” and “freedom of religion” debate instead of what its really about.

You see the same thing happened in 2011 with Chick-fil-A. In the beginning it wasn’t about “gay marriage”.  It was really all about Chick-fil-A donating money to anti-LGBT hate groups.   The problem was that after our illustrious overpaid leaders fired the first shot over it the religious right and the GOP sized the opportunity to make it about same-sex marriage.  After that did HRC and GLAAD actively fight back and try to set the record straight and put it back on track? No. They got quiet and waited for it all to calm down and let the haters control the conversation and spin it to their advantage.

Now a year later the same thing is happening again.

If you fire the first shot you need to be prepared to fight to the end.  At this moment every anti-LGBT right wing hate group, GOP politician and tea party loon is using any media outlet they can to twist Robertson’s hate speech into a “freedom of religion” and “freedom of speech” issue and trying  making us seem intolerant and the bad guys.  And they are beginning to succeed because HRC and GLAAD are either to afraid, or too inept, or just too utterly PC to media blitz back and  fight back and stop their spin to set the record straight .

Its becoming Chick-fil-A all over again.

And while we are on the subject of our wonderful organizations where in the world is Rae (Carmen Santiago) Carey and the Task Force on this? Have they even released a statement?  Can someone PLEASE tell what exactly what the Task Force’s “task” is and what Rae Carey does to justify over a $250k+ a year salary from an organization that raises only 8 million dollars in a good year and does nothing?

With leaders and organizations like this is it any wonder we’re still second class citizens?

6 thoughts on “Is Duck Dynasty Becoming The Next Chick-fil-A Disaster for HRC and GLAAD?

  1. I would like to say that the amount of Hate that GLAAD has garnered on their Facebook is quite the thing. Also that members of the lgbt community aren’t speaking up or speaking out. I would like to say that I applaud a few African American leaders that have voiced outrage over the whole thing. I went looking at many organizations within the LGBT community that were supposed to be the voice of the community only to find nothing. I find that many were in fear of their personal opinions or thoughts for what is right vs the backlash of opinion. I am truly disappointed and also for the lack of clarity by the community what free speech is vs personal opinion and constitutional rights and wrongs. Want freedoms, speak up. Want to set everything back. Stay quiet and do nothing. The perfect time to educate and yet silence.

    1. What drives me nuts is your Harvey Levin type.
      Being a Louisiana native, I’ve heard worse things come from the pulpit than what this guy said.

      But Levin and his ilk claim activists are responsible for this guy and Paula Dean losin edorsements. “BUT”…. with Alec Baldwin’s “F”word debacle, the TMZ crew and many in the media were wondering why MSNBC hired him in the first place & he had to go YESTERDAY for his rants.

      From Harvey Levin, to, of all people, Sarah Palin who called critics of Robertson’s comments hypocritical, had me thinking.

      Earlier this year athletes who made homophobic remarks, a few pundits, [Levin included] said their owners had a right to fire them.

      Same with others like; Isaiah Washington, Tracey Morgan, Chris Brown, and a slew or hip- hop stars’ misogynistic comments, I don’t recall Sarah Palin and Harvey Levin defending their right to free speech.

      Even worse, after Paris Hilton said gays were had AIDS and were promiscuous, TMZ and other media conglomerates acted as if it never happened. Mr. Levin, excoriated a caller to his show saying ” Do remember this, the Hilton’s are richer than you and that’s all that counts. ” “Some people get a pass and only haters disagree.”

      Point being, in life, we all are jaded and take sides.

      Face it, this is what our media has become. Controversial sound bites and naked celebrity pics. CNN, MSNBC, and….especially TMZ . Media giants live for the ‘Gotcha’.

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