Bryan Fischer: ‘The Next Domino’ To Fall After Gay Marriage Will Be Polygamy, Then Pedophilia!

Bryan Fischer lunatic



American Family Association‘s own certifiable lunatic Bryan Fischer is kicking off the month of December and the Christmas season with one of his of old, old, old favorites the “Hark the herald angel sings: After gay marriage it will be then polygamy and pedophilia.”

“Once the man-woman threshold is crossed for marriage…then there is simply no logical place to stop in the kind of sexual relationships you will support, you will embrace as a culture. We were exactly right when we said polygamy was the next domino to fall. And after this, the next domino to fall is going to be pedophilia.”

“We were right and we’ll be proven right.”

So he’s already right, but he’s not yet been proven right? How does that work exactly?

What do you think?

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