Nebraska Man Attacks Sister With Crowbar Because She’s Gay And Its Against Their Religion

Nebraska Hate crime

Police have arrested Ahmed Tuma and his friend Nathan Marks after they attacked Tuma’s sister and her female fiancee with a crowbar after they pulled up to their home in Lincoln, Nebraska  Ahmed Tuma’s motive?  That his sister being in lesbian and in a relationship with a woman is shameful to their family and against their Muslim religious  beliefs.

KLKN reports:

Police say Tuma’s sister and her fiancee arrived at home near 27th & M when  he  and a friend, 20-year-old Nathan Marks ran up to them.  Police say Tuma tried to hit her with a crow bar.  The couple escaped into their car, but police say Tuma repeatedly hit the car with the crowbar.

“They were in fear for their lives, he had made some verbal threats to kill the sister,” Officer Katie Flood with the Lincoln Police Dept. said.

Tuma’s sister added that she thinks that if her brother had succeeded in killing her the rest of the family would likely have been very proud of him.

This story is not about extremist Muslims because thankfully very few people of the Muslim faith are like the monster mentioned above.  This story is about all religious extremism of all denominations.  Because no matter the faith when religion is used to hide behind and and excuse discrimination, bigotry, hatred and violence it shows just how some people of faith think they can behave above the law.  Religion cannot be given exemptions of any kind when it comes to human and civil rights and this why its a dangerous thing to be slipping into all manner of laws. because it makes them think that they are above the low.  Demanding that religious entities and their followers no matter what demonination or how extreme abide by the all the laws of civil and human rights is not persecuting them or denying them their “religious freedom” it’s called protecting humanity.

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