Ender’s Game Crashes and Burns – Makes Only 9 Million Dollars Opening Day

Boycott Enders Game

Lionsgate’s Sci-Fi “November blockbuster” Ender’s Game crashed and burned upon opening this weekend recording a very soft 9.9 million dollars of  Friday playing in over a whopping 3400+ theaters according to BoxOfficeMojo.com

Science Fiction movies based on novels are notoriously front-loaded with many fans flocking to see the movie on the first day.  Expect a small to no percentage increase on Saturday with EG’s box office coming in at about 8 – 11 millions dollars and a 40% percent drop on that Sunday which will put the weekends final total somewhere between 22 to 24  million dollars.   Starship Troopers which opened on the same weekended in 1997 had an opening box weekend box office of 23 million dollars and ended its theatrical run with a domestic total gross of only $54,814,377

Ender’s Game which has been plagued by years stuck of being stuck in development and the recent boycott against it because of its notoriously homophobic and racist author Orson Scott Card cost 110 million dollars to make.

While its hard to determine if the Skip Ender’s Game Boycott by the LGBT community and its straight allies are responsible for the movies low opening numbers is hard to tell.  But it certainly did help..





3 thoughts on “Ender’s Game Crashes and Burns – Makes Only 9 Million Dollars Opening Day

  1. You are kidding, right? Every legitimate news site out their has Ender’s opening numbers down as ‘solid’. You are letting your agenda skew your report on the movies opening. One news site reported that Ender’s Game ‘blasted through the boycotts’ to a solid opening, which is the complete opposite of what your article states. Most are projecting a 27 to 30 million dollar opening weekend.

    1. Solid? PLEASE. John Carter only made 30 Million opening weekend and everyone called that a FLOP. By the way movies like Ender’s usually lose 60% of thier box Office thier second weekend traditionally. Its a long way from solid considering it cost 110 million to make and opened in so many theaters. Don’t let your Ender’s Game Fanboy-ness get in the way of your commenting.

    2. ENDER’S GAME is set to do numbers comparable to AFTER EARTH. Both movies had similar budgets and how have had similar opening weekends, and are even similar movies in some respects (sci-fi coming of age fairy tales about coming to manhood under harrowing conditions). AFTER EARTH was pronounced a flop by Saturday morning and didn’t have a Marvel blockbuster eating up it’s foreign gross or it’s next weekend gross. How is AFTER EARTH a flop and ENDER’S GAME NOT?

      Similarly, look at PACIFIC RIM, which was proclaimed a flop but ended up making 405 million in the foreign market, having returned twice it’s budget. ENDER’S GAME is not going to do similar numbers worldwide…the book is only a classic in North America, and it’s already proven a bomb overseas.

      ENDER’S GAME is a flop but very few seem willing to admit that there was a mistake made in optioning a movie from a controversial creator or that people exercising their power as consumers damaged the films ability to make money for political and social reasons.

      Every article tries to downplay the boycott’s affect on the opening weekend gross as the studio moves the expectation of the movie lower to save face. In every similar circumstance this movie would be considered a flop but no one wants to admit it because that puts the power in the hands of the consumer.

      Hollywood is no longer able to dictate to audiences what will be a hit…every recent success has been a SURPRISE success (every Marvel movie still seems to defy expectations as they gross bigger and bigger both domestically and internationally). If ENDER’S GAME is a flop it means that Hollywood will now have to listen it it’s audience rather than cramming things down it’s throat to make money the same way they always have. Neither budget or star power drive movies anymore, and it’s frightening to studios to not have a surefire formula to make money anymore. That is why ENDER’S GAME is a ‘hit’ flop.

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