Dan Savage Talks With Bill Maher About Mary Cheney: “That fucker wrote Mitt Romney a check”

Dan Savage


Dan Savage appeared on Real Time with Bill Maher to discuss gay issues in the news including same sex marriage being signed into law in Illionois, Alec Baldwin, “kiddie-fucking Catholic priests”,  and “Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary” Cheney and her wife who Dan calls out as “two rich dykes”  who have never give a fuck about anyone else’s gay marriage before as they continue to support and donate to anti-gay GOP politicians.


2 thoughts on “Dan Savage Talks With Bill Maher About Mary Cheney: “That fucker wrote Mitt Romney a check”

  1. Bill really ticked me off last night when he didn’t give Dan a chance to rant against Mary Cheney. I know it is his show but you don’t invite a strongly opinionated guest on and then tell him what to say or talk about. Especially on a show that is all about opinion. Dan was great. Bill sucked last night.

    While I am having my chance to rant I would like to say one more thing about Bill Maher. Sometimes he thinks he is so smart that he is just plain dumb. He constantly talks (rather is obsessed) with “teabagging”. The dumbass thinks that this is something gay men do to each other to humiliate each other. He doesn’t understand that a gay man would never be offended by someone laying their scrotum on their face. Hell, we would take it as foreplay. Teabagging is about straight men embarrassing the person being teabagged. Every time he brings this up he makes me feel sad. Sad because he thinks he knows so much about gay men.

  2. Three crystal clear events show Mary Cheney for who she really is.

    1. On 3 August 2011, during his campaign to become a Republican President, Mitt Romney publicly signed NOM’s written vow to repeal marriage equality in all 17 states where it exists, and to ban marriage equality, everywhere, forever, via the U.S. Constitution.

    2. On 7 January 2012, Mary Cheney wrote a check for $2,500 to Mitt Romney, to help him (a) become President and (b) tear Mary’s own family apart.

    3. On 26 November 2013, Mary Cheney wrote, “There’s nothing I wouldn’t do to protect my wife Heather and our two children.”

    Mary Cheney valued putting a Republican in the White House more than keeping her own family intact, so nothing she says can be trusted.

    Why did she donate cash to elect a man who vowed to void her marriage and destroy her family? WHY?

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