Not Content With Being Ineffectual Only In The United States, HRC Plans To Go International.


HRC Greed

Smelling money the Human Rights Campaign is going to take its show on the road overseas to” further LGBT rights internationally”reports NYT columnist Frank Bruni .  And get this.  They are going to do it with the the help of REPUBLICAN money from New York hedge-fund billionaire Republicans Paul Singer, who was a major Romney supporter in 2012, and Daniel Loeb.

In this case, he was announcing a new project to be funded, at least at the outset, by him and other conservative donors but to be run by the Human Rights Campaign, an L.G.B.T. advocacy group in Washington, which is much more closely affiliated with Democrats. The initiative will be dedicated to fighting the victimization of gays and lesbians internationally. But it will also show that there are Republicans — not a majority, but an increasingly impassioned minority — who are intent on progress and justice for L.G.B.T. people. They won’t surrender that cause to Democrats, and they believe that Republicans who do so are resisting a future that’s both just and inevitable.

So here we have the HRC who has trouble championing the rights of LGBT Americans working with Republicans to champion LGBT equality abroad?  What are they going to do throw pretty parties at the U.S. Embassy in Moscow?  Sell T-Shirts and mugs at an HRC store in Uganda?  Release multiple press releases in Jamacia taking credit where none is due?

HRC is the same LGBT organization that has thrown sections of our community under the bus, wanted nothing to do with the lawsuit against Prop. 8 and the Edith Windsor case originally out of fear it would fail and is currently pushing for passage of the Employment Non-Discrimination Act which they took NO part in the writing of that has a gaping religious exemption that will allow religious organizations, schools, hospitals, and businesses to continue to discriminate freely and legally against us.

God help our international LGBT brothers and sisters.





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