EXCLUSIVE: Anti-Gay Group Pushes Bill To Make LGBT Discrimination Legal In Ohio

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Earlier this week in the news it was reported that an anti-gay Christian group has filed an Oregon ballot measure that would make it legal for businesses to refuse to provide wedding services to gay people on the grounds of religious beliefs.

Now in what seems to be a growing trend across America its come to light that Ohio’s main LGBT hate group the CCV (Citizens for Community Values ) is pushing the Ohio Religious Freedom Restoration Act or “Ohio RFRA” that would allow so-called “first amendment” religious based discrimination statewide in all aspects of life. (employment, housing and services) as long as the person doing the discrimination claims that the act is against their personal “religious beliefs”

From the CCV website:

Representatives Bill Patmon (D-Cleveland) and Timothy Derickson (R-Hanover Township) will be introducing legislation called the Ohio Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA). This legislation will largely resemble the federal RFRA. The Act, signed into law by President Clinton in 1993, aimed to prevent laws that substantially burden a person’s free exercise of religion. The RFRA restored the requirement of strict scrutiny application in religious freedom cases, the same test used by the Supreme Court prior to its decision in Unemployment v. Smith (1990). In City of Boerne v. Flores (1997), however, the Supreme Court ruled that Congress lacked the authority to mandate how state laws should be interpreted. As a result, RFRA still applies to the interpretation of federal statutes, but not to state laws. This Supreme Court ruling has encouraged states to implement their own Religious Freedom Restoration Acts to uphold and protect their First Amendment Rights.

The Citizens for Community Values  headed by ex-porn addict Phil Burress is an affiliate of Mat Staver’s and Bryan Fischerts American Family Association (Burress met his wife at an AFA meeting), has close ties to James Dobson’s Focus on the Family and also receives funding by the Family Research Counsel.

The CCV, Ohio’s own version of the Taliban led the crusade in 2004 to have Ohio’s voters amend the state constitution to prohibit gay marriages and all civil unions and has been fighting against LGBT civil rights in Ohio under the guise of “religion” for the past 20 years with the open support of Ohio’s Republican Party and the extreme right wing group COAST

TRIVIA:  The federal RFRA was originally passed to protect native American Indians against the expansion of government projects onto sacred Indian land. In Native American religion the land they worship on is very important. Often the particular ceremonies can only take place in certain locations because these locations have special significance. This, along with peyote use are the main parts of Native American religions that are often left unprotected.


Click here to download and read the full OHIO RFRA bill.


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