Actor Michael Fassbender Wants Everyone To Please Stop Talking About His Big Penis

Fassbender naked

Unless you live under an entertainment rock everyone knows that handsome Brit actor Michael Fassbender has a big cock.

In a recent interview with Elle UK  Fassbender expressed his annoyance that everyone is so obsessed with his huge root which he showed off in the movie Shame.

I can’t start saying, ‘Wait a second there is more about the film than my dick; it’s one scene and it doesn’t go on for very long.  It wouldn’t be acceptable it would be seen as sexual harassment, people saying [to an actress], ‘Your vagina …’ You know?

Michael its when we STOP talking about it that there might be a problem.  Till then swing low and proud!


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4 thoughts on “Actor Michael Fassbender Wants Everyone To Please Stop Talking About His Big Penis

  1. He makes a good point about the comments though. A woman would never tolerate it. There is a clear double standard.

  2. If you have shown your body in a film, no matter if it’s artistic or erotic, People will see it and talk.
    Most actresses and actors that turn down roles because of a sex or full frontal nude scene, turn it down because they know people will obsess on it. If you didn’t want people to know then use a prosthetic otherwise smile and know that lots of people want to… well you get the idea.
    This is like a pornstar who does a film and gets angry because people recognize them. Michael Fassbender, Be happy, you just made film that will sell even more tickets and DVD’s because of your Not so little buddy’s cameo.

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