Vile Anti-Gay Russian Public Service Propaganda Ad Begins To Run Featuring Mark Regnerus’ Phony Study

Mark Regnerus

This is a real public-service ad being circulated in Russia today that not only mimics every anti-gay talking point of American right-wing religious extremists, but also quotes the dis-proven anti-gay parenting study of Mark Regnerus.

If you watch the ad message below the similarities between it and the anti-Semitic propaganda of Germany in the 1930s are clear. Russia is gearing up for violent anti-gay action, and we must not make the same mistake we made in 1936, when the world smiled on Hitler’s Olympics.

Take a stand against Russia’s rising tide of hate: Boycott Putin’s Sochi Olympics and the major corporations that support it.

PLEASE Contact Queer Nation NY – today to find out what you can do.

H/T Michael Lucas

2 thoughts on “Vile Anti-Gay Russian Public Service Propaganda Ad Begins To Run Featuring Mark Regnerus’ Phony Study

  1. As the guy is American citizen why isn’t there an American organization that files a complaint against the criminally liar, for slander and other vile activities against individuals and groups of individuals?

    To stop this guy should not be that difficult I think!

    And if needed… out the guy as gay himself, and lets see what the extreme right-wing fascists in Russia will do then with the guy……..

  2. I think the best strategy would be to encourage thousands of gays to attend the Olympics and be very visible by wearing rainbow caps and scarves, etc. Remember the black American athletes who protested American racism at the Mexico Olympics. It outraged our American conservatives.

    Russia hosted the Eurosong contest a few years ago and that event is practically a gay convention. At this year’s Eurosong, the entry group from Finland had two women in the act kiss to publicize the fact that Finland was considering a marriage equality law.

    What is going on in Russia is typical of nations which mix religion and nationalism. It is no wonder they are borrowing material from our own home-grown American sexual and religious national chauvinists. Russia has made a sharp turn toward social conservatism in the past five years. Most of it is inspired by the rebirth of Cold War rhetoric and actions on the part of our US President and Congress. Putin does not dare to be too liberal since that is construed to be weakness by the Russian nationalists who could put him out of office and install a real war monger in his place.
    Remember it was Obama who threw us under his 2008 campaign bus in California by pandering to religious conservatives at his well-publicized suck up to Rev. Rick Warren at his Camel Back Church by saying he was opposed to gays getting married. Obama thus helped them pass the anti-gay Prop 8 even while saying he opposed it.

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