Texas Father Punishes Son By Publicly Making Him Hold Sign: “I Am A Bully” – Video

I am a Bully

A Texas father has come up with a unique punishment that some are finding controversial to end his son’s relentless bullying of others.

After his son got in trouble at school 7 times for bullying other students, Joe Lagares of Killeen, TX who takes bullying very seriously and wanted his 4th grader to take it seriously as well, so he took his son and made him stand on the very busy corner of Ft. Hood Street and W. Veterans Memorial Boulevard in Killian with a big neon sign which read: “I Am A Bully.  HONK ! If You Hate Bullys”

Lagares had tried other forms of punishment, including grounding and extra chores, but not of them seemed to make a difference.

“I refuse to allow my child to be somebody else’s pain. Ya know, we don’t need another Columbine, and we don’t need another Solomon Harris,” Lagares said, referring to the gay teen who took his own life back in April after being bullied by his peers. “Ya know, we don’t need that to happen, and I refuse for my child to be the cause of that.”

“Bullying is also a form of public humiliation. Maybe he understands that when he humiliates someone publicly that doesn’t feel good,” Lagares told KCEN TV. “Hopefully he’ll take that with him so the next time he tries to bully someone he’ll think about it twice.”

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1 thought on “Texas Father Punishes Son By Publicly Making Him Hold Sign: “I Am A Bully” – Video

  1. People tend to get very emotional when they hear stories about bullying, mostly because they feel very sorry for the poor victim.
    The question that is never explored is..’Does the bully know that he is bullying?’.
    The thing is… we (the adults) always come around after the episode, make our conclusions and serve ‘justice’…but we will not usually observe the interaction as it took place.
    For Example: What was the ‘victims’ reaction when the incident took place?
    I have seen so many such cases in schools…and interestingly…mostly, the ‘victim’ will react to the ‘bully’s’ behavior with Sarcasm and Cynicism (anything but not come out looking like a looser) …
    In many of these cases not only would the ‘bully’ not be aware that what he was doing was mean…To the contrary, he and everyone around will have thought that the so called ‘victim’ was having fun at the time.
    Of course, this is not to say that aren’t some real mean kids out there…

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