Stephen Baldwin Defends His Anti-Gay Conference Gig: “Some of my best friends are gay”

Stephen Baldwin

Religious extremist Stephen “The Untalented Tool” Baldwin who previously found himself in hot water after expressing support for right-winger and former actor Kirk Cameron, is all set to speak at an ex-gay conference called “Rising from the Ashes,” which touts “freedom from homosexuality through Jesus Christ.” After being exposed Baldwin now claims that his involvement in the conference is not necessarily about gay conversion. After all some of his “best friends are gay.”

HuffPost reports:

The 47-year-old star of “The Usual Suspects” and “Threesome” told HuffPost Live that the conference is primarily “an opportunity for people who are unsure … to have a conversation about [which] direction they want to go.”

“I wouldn’t say that my message is, ‘You can pray the gay away,'” Baldwin said. “Literally, some of my best friends in the world are gay, and they know I’m evangelical and I know they’re gay, and we love each other and respect each other in that way.

I’d post the HuffPo video interview but its just a big ole shill for his straight to the 2 dollar bargain bin new flick “I Fell In Love With A Christian Girl.”




2 thoughts on “Stephen Baldwin Defends His Anti-Gay Conference Gig: “Some of my best friends are gay”

  1. idiots!!!!!!!!!!!! So much air between his and Kurt Camerons ears there isn’t much room for anything else but a tiny brain stem the same size as a DODO birds. So sad they will be using and wasting our precious natural resources for another 30 years or so. To the two of them, Karma is my goddess and she is a bitch!

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