Religious Rights Group Files Suit Defending Venue Against Religious Discrimination Charges

Gortz Haus

As reported here a few months ago a gay male couple in Iowa were turned away from the Gortz Haus art gallery wedding venue that they wanted to use for their own wedding because the owners said that homosexuality violated their Mennonite religious sensibilities.

In Iowa according to the states’s Civil Rights Acts the refusal of venue was illegal and a lawsuit was brought against the bigoted couple.

Now the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty filed an 11-count lawsuit against the Iowa Civil Rights Commission and wants the Commission to rule that the owners of Gortz Haus’ refusal to host a same-sex wedding in their public art gallery wedding venue was not a violation of the Iowa Civil Rights Act because of religious freedom. *yaaaawn*

A spokesperson for the Becket Fund claimed that they didn’t want to eliminate homosexuality as a protected class, just to allow the Mennonite beliefs of the Osgaards to supersede the civil rights of Lee Stafford and his fiancee.

“To our knowledge, no Iowa or Federal court has ever forced anyone to participate in a religious activity against their will. Doing so now would abandon Iowa’s history of being the vanguard of protecting individual freedom, and out of line with state and federal law.”

All state and federal laws have ruled that public venues and public services cannot discriminate based on orientation, and every venue outside Iowa that have discriminated have lost those legal battles

2 thoughts on “Religious Rights Group Files Suit Defending Venue Against Religious Discrimination Charges

  1. Religious freedom…. MY ASS!

    If it is religious freedom to discriminate against other people …. then religious freedom must be banned, and made illegal and unlawful!

    As long as religious freedom is “used” as pretext to discriminate against people who are not living according to these religious doctrines people will keep on being discriminated, and that is unacceptable!

    We all denounce wholeheartedly the doctrines of hate and outlawing in islam, but at the same time we allow and accept doctrines of hate and outlawing of christianity!

    Were we fight for equal rights for women in muslim countries, we accept the in-equality forced upon us by christianity!

    A lot of us refer to muslims as religious terrorists, but we embrace christian terrorism in our own country!

    Can it be more hypocrite?

    AWAY WITH RELIGIOUS TERRORISM, Including christian terrorism!

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