NOM’s Brian Brown and “Crimes Against Humanity” Scott Lively Take A Roadtrip To Russia

Scott Lively in Uganda

Even though Scott Lively is currently being sued for “crimes against humanity” for his actions in helping spread anti-gay propaganda in Uganda and  NOM’s President Brian Brown’s is facing the threat of felony litigation for violation of the Logan Act, both “men” are on their way to to Moscow to attend the planning meeting of the anti-gay World Congress of Families.

The World Congress of Families, an organization that is so far right and so anti-gay that it’s virtually fascist is a strong supporter of Russia’s anti-gay laws and contains the usual list of right-wing loony bigots among their sponsors, including Bryan Fischer’s American Family Association, Peter LaBarbera’s Americans for Truth About Homosexuality, Concerned Women of America, and Tony Perkins’ Family Research Council.

In a recent email, Brown praised the World Congress of Families and suggested that people send them donations.

The World Congress of Families is THE group standing up for the family around the world. They have done amazing work in uniting all of those who stand for the truth about marriage and family. It has been an honor to partner with WCF and to be a part of their most recent Congress in Australia and regional conference in Trinidad and Tobago. I wholeheartedly endorse their work and urge you to financially support their efforts.” ~ Brian Brown, president, National Organization for Marriage”

It was the World Congress of Families who arranged for t Brian Brown to testify before a committee of Russia’s parliament in support of a law banning gay couples and single people in countries that allow marriage equality to adopt Russian orphans. Also in a press release, World Congress managing director Larry Jacobs boasted of his group’s “support” for Russia’s “child protection law” (the “propaganda” ban) and adds that he’ll soon be taking his advocacy to Ukraine:

“Prior to the Moscow meeting, Komov and WCF Communications Director Don Feder, along with Srdjan Nogo of the Serbian group Dveri (WCF’s newest Partner) and French pro-marriage activist Fabrice Sorlin, will be in Kiev for meetings with key Ukrainian leaders, including members of parliament.”

Comrade Brown and Comrade Lively losing the war in America are branching out to a softer target which is exactly the reason we should keep the pressure on Russia and keep exposing these evil bastards.

What amazes me is that both, especially Lively is allowed to travel to Russia while being involved in a lawsuit for crimes against humanity in Uganda.  That the State Department doesn’t revoke his VISA or he is put on a terrorist watch list is mind boggling.

2 thoughts on “NOM’s Brian Brown and “Crimes Against Humanity” Scott Lively Take A Roadtrip To Russia

  1. One thing strikes me….. if one is under investigation or even sued how come they can use their passports to leave the country?

    Why isn’t someone who is sued for Crimes Against Humanity (one of the most severe complaints possible!) not arrested, and put in prison awaiting trial?

    But then….. if the idiots are in Russia presumably the speeches will contain some pro-hate statements and as Russia is not falling under the Free Speech amendments of the USA… they can be arrested when returning to the USA… hatecalling and hatemongering IS punishable under rules of the European Council….. and Russia is a member of the European Council (the USA is not as it is not on the European Continent).
    (the European Council is NOT the European Union mind you…. The European Council is a organization that almost all European countries are member of).
    Lets hope the plane the idiots take to return to the USA will be diverted through a country that is more clear on human rights.. and will arrest the bigots!

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