Moscow Citizens Stand Up To Police Over Protesters Arrest Until They Find Out He’s Gay – Video

Russia arrest

Four days ago in Moscow gay rights protester carrying a banner which read:  “Hitler also began with the gays. No to fascism in Russia.” were arrested for publicly protesting against Russian President Vladimir Putin’s draconian anti-gay propaganda law which targets the countries LGBT community and  allies by banning any public support of gay people or gay rights, in words or deeds.

Whats startling in the video below is the crowd’s reaction. As translated by the NYT.  In the beginning of the video the crowd is upset at the police manhandling the protesters, until they find. out that the protesters are gay.  Then the brutal manhandling is perfectly fine with them.

T]he intervention of the bystanders begins when an older woman steps in and tells the officers, “You can’t act like that.”

She then turns to a man behind her and says, “Hey man, help out.”

The man, wearing a black hat and a leather jacket, then says: “Major. Officer. What did they do?”

A short time later, as the confusion continues, a female protester in a black jacket and a rainbow scarf explains to the woman and an officer, “We are protecting the rights of L.G.B.T.”

The officer asks, “What’s that?”

The protester replies, “Lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transgenders.”

The older woman asks, “You’re for them?”

The protester says, “We’re for them.”

The older woman says: “Ohhhhhhhh no. Then no.”

The situation in Russia is not going to end anytime soon folks.  And as long as anti-semite and disgraced Russian LGBT activists Nikolai Alexeyev holds reign over the media.  Alexeyev who is reportedly suffering from a drug and alcohol problem and a severe case of megalomania recently claimed that  the anti-gay propaganda law would never be implemented in practice and that the LGBT community of Russia is not in danger.

What do you think?

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