GOP and Tea Party Shut Down Federal Government, Now Known As The Suicide Party


House of Turds

The the beginning hours of the first shutdown of the government in 17 years, the majority of the general public has reacted swiftly and strongly against the Republican Party with the New York Daily News going as far as calling the GOP controlled House of Representatives led by John Boehner. “The House of Turds”

House Speaker John Boehner made a short statement, took one question, then walked away from a one-minute press conference early Tuesday morning, just more than an hour after the government shutdown at midnight.

“The House has has made it’s position known very clearly. We believe we should fund the government, and we think there ought to be basic fairness for all Americans under Obamacare. The Senate has continued to reject our offers. But under the Constitution, there is a way to resolve this process and that is to go to conference and talk through your differences. I would hope the Senate will accept our offer to go to conference and discuss this so we can resolve this for the American people.”

When asked what his message was to the 800,000 federal workers who will receive notices they are no longer needed on the job. And does he have a plan for restore back pay?  Boehner replied:  “The House has voted to keep the government open. But we also want basic fairness for all Americans under Obamacare,” he said before leaving the podium.”

“Conference” with the Senate is usually set up BEFORE problems with resolutions between the House and Senate reach the point of no return, not after.

Incidentally, the Democrats have asked for “Conference” with the house 18 times over the past 12 months on this issue only to be blocked by Mitch McConnel.

Despite the shutdown because the 27th Amendment to the Constitution, Congress will still be paid.

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