Gay Couple Married In Oklahoma! – There’s A Bright Rainbow Haze On the Meadow


Despite the fact that gay marriage is illegal in Oklahoma and gay marriages performed in other states aren’t legally recognized in Oklahoma gay couple  Jason Pickel and Darren Black Bear, had the idea to get married through the Cheyenne and Arapahoe Tribal Court, an autonomous Native American judiciary in Concho, Oklahoma. that isn’t subject to states anti-gay laws.

Black Bear and Pickel are the first gay couple to be publicly married in the state of Oklahoma and while the couple will still be denied tax breaks on their state returns, they will now be able to receive federal tax benefits like any other married couple.

Congratulations Boys!

3 thoughts on “Gay Couple Married In Oklahoma! – There’s A Bright Rainbow Haze On the Meadow

  1. WOW!!! That is wonderful. Good for them. You cannot believe the big smile on my face. I hope thousand more gay couples follow suit and spend their money with these enlightened people. Money talks. But bigots don’t listen.

  2. Another thought, I hope someone investigates this possibility in other backward states and gets the word out on this option. It could be huge for gay people and huge for the Native American people in this country.

  3. A friend brought to my attention that both partes have to be Native Americans to be married on Sovereign land. Burst my enthusiasm bubble! Sorry.

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