AFA’s Bryan J. Fischer: Christmas Is In The Constitution Dagnabbit! – Ho Ho HO MY GOD!

Bryan Fischer lunatic

You go to the end of the Constitution, what do you find? It’s dated from when? It’s datedfrom the first Christmas! From the birth of Jesus Christ, ‘the year of our Lord.’ So we dated our Constitution, we dated the Declaration of Independence. We dated them from the very first Christmas! In other words, Christmas is IN the Constitution. Christmas is IN the Declaration of Independence. Because those documents are dated from the birth of what the Founding Fathers referred to as ‘our Lord.’ In the year of OUR Lord. All of them said, ‘Jesus Christ is OUR Lord.’ Our history beganwith the first Christmas. People say, ‘Hey, the Constitution’s a godless Constitution, God’s not in there. There is no mention of Christ.’ Absolutely wrong. It is an explicitly Christian document.” – American Family Association Hate group spokesman Bryan J. Fister Fischer, being an idiot today on the AFA’s radio network.

Wanna get laughed out of grad school as a history major? Try to use this shit for your dissertation.

Just goes to prove that addicts will say anything to justify their addiction.

What do you think?

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