4 Gay Men Attacked With Firebombs In Jamaica, Flee For Their Lives

Jamaica anti-gay hate

Four gay men fled for their lives after the house they occupied came under attack by an angry mob of 14 men Tuesday night near St. James in Jamaica who firebombed the house they were staying in.

Jamiaca’s newspaper The Gleaner states local authorities were unable to take the men into protective custody because they would not be safe at police facilities there, but said they are investigating the attack.

“There is an ever present atmosphere of hostility towards lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) Jamaicans, especially those from lower socio-economic status who have to be in crowded public spaces and use public transportation,” Latoya Nugent, manager of education and outreach at J-FLAG said. “Unlike some, they do not have the economic wealth and social capital to avoid these spaces that might be more dangerous. As a consequence, many LGBT live in great fear, and they feel inferior, powerless and invisible because of their sexual orientation or gender identity and expression.”

2 thoughts on “4 Gay Men Attacked With Firebombs In Jamaica, Flee For Their Lives

  1. This is a new attack on gay individuals, and again the government has, and is doing nothing against it!
    It is time that these scumbags are captured, punished and sentenced for their crimes!

    I feel that as long as the Jamaican authorities do nothing against these hate-crimes, but on the contrary support hem, the world must take action, and both must stand up and protest worldwide against what is happening on Jamaica, and boycott everything in relation with Jamaica, including but not limiting tourist activities, trade, development assistance and above all…. assistance to rebuilding Jamaica after the disasters of floods, huricanes etc. etc.

    IF the Jamaican People are so opposed to gay individuals, and consider them to be a punishment of god, I strongly support the opinion that the Jamaican people do not need foreign aid to rebuild what was destroyed by natural cause, and that their god will restore and or rebuild what was destroyed!

    Were Russian vodka was boycotted by western buyers, lets start boycotting Jamaican rum!


    Equality for ALL, none excluded!

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