The Week in Geek: DC Comics’s Harley Quinn Apology, Fake Geek Guys And More

Hey there! I’m Patrick, a board member for Geeks OUT, a community organization uniting queer geeks everywhere. Welcome to the first installment of “The Week in Geek,” my attempt at recapping some of the best (and at times queerer) moments from the wide world of geekiness. Think I missed something or want to bring something to my attention? Feel free to leave a comment or email me at Thanks for reading and enjoy!


The pro-LGBT but anti-marriage staff at DC Comics finally issued an apology over their tasteless request for Harley Quinn art submissions [Huffington Post]

Jennifer Landa interviews some fake geek guys at San Diego Comic Con and the results are hilarious [The Mary Sue]


Harry Potter won’t be coming back to theaters, but his universe will. JK Rowling has signed a deal with Warner Brothers for films set in the Potter-verse, based on the textbook ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.’ [Entertainment Weekly, image via Telegraph UK]


Speaking of comebacks, Peter Parker may be retaking the role of Spider-Man in December. The Marvel Comics solicitations announced a weekly release of Amazing Spider-Man, which will probably lead to a battle between Peter and the current web-slinger, the “Superior” Otto Octavious (aka Doctor Octopus) [Newsarama]


Sirs Ian McKellan and Patrick Stewart are currently in New York City for…plays? Tea? I’m not a theater geek and too lazy to Google things, so I’m not exactly sure, but they were in Times Square and took this picture. With Elmo. [Twitter]


And finally, Barry Allen will make his debut in an upcoming episode of Arrow, which could lead into a Flash-themed CW super hero show. The adorkable Grant Gustin, formerly of tween shows 90210 and Glee, will star as the Scarlet Speedster. [Comic Book Resources]

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