Russia’s Straight Alliance for LGBT Equality Holds Protests In St. Petersburg – Video

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Russia’s Straight Alliance for LGBT Equality held a series of  brave protests in solidarity with other groups around the world this past week against Russia’s extreme discrimination against its LGBT citizens   The Straight Alliance for LGBT Equality  participated in the #Russia4Love – Day of Action despite being stalked and filmed by police, and harassed by anti-gay Russian extremist.

We, Russian LGBT people and their allies, would like to thank all the people around the world who support us and express their concern about the events in our country in hope of making a difference and pulling Russia out of a tightening medieval darkness,’ the organizers said in an official statement.

About 30 Straight Alliance for LGBT Equality members gathered near the city’s statue of Peter the Great in St. Petersburg but soon attracted a police attention who refused to let protesters take photographs of themselves with their signs so the activists moved to St Isaac’s Square.  Police filmed the whole action and demanded the IDs of those involved.

In another part of the city Daniel Grachev,  picketed at the Olympic clock in the Little Stables and was attacked by Russian nationalists who approached him and shoved a cake in his face and said “Welcome to the Soviet Union.  Welcome to Russia”.

Grachev was wearing a T-shirt with a pink triangle, which served as a pretext for an attack, as well as a poster, on which was written ” The Nuremberg Trials, and not the Olympics. ”

“I wanted to convey the idea that Russia is going to fascism, and it is not a place for the Olympic Games and the space for the Nuremberg trials,” – he said.

The two men who attacked Daniel were arrested but while at the police station the St. Petersberg police also checked into Grachev extremism. “I was amused by it.” said Daniel.  “If I am am arrested for calling Russia a facist state then Russia proves that it is indeed a fascist state, “- he concluded. (Loosely translated from Russian text)

Video of Daniel’s attack can be seen below:

1 thought on “Russia’s Straight Alliance for LGBT Equality Holds Protests In St. Petersburg – Video

  1. It probably is my suspicious mind, but doesn’t anybody find it somewhat strange that while there is the G20 meeting going on in St. Petersburg in Russia there is a protest-march held, allowed and condoned in the streets of St. Petersburg?

    One of the most serious security operations is underway, the G20, and meanwhile a set of people who want to show their alliance with the outlawed homosexuals of Russia, St. Petersnburg, is allowed to go on….
    Personally I doubt the honesty and seriousness of these people!

    Either Putin doesn’t dare to intervene while the highest of the highest of politicians are around (what of course can be a possibility as when Putin would order the police or worse, the riot police to intervene, the highest ranking politicians could end the meeting, and leave (highly unlikely as most of the present politicians are either opposed to equality of gay people, or are plotting to slow down the process of creating equality), OR the protest is organized with the OK of and by the Kremlin…..

    And in the latter case….. what then is the significance of the protest?
    That is really supporting the homosexuals in Russia? Doubtful!
    Or is it that for the show while a lot of highest ranking politicians are around Putin allows the protst to take place, wanting to show his OK of homosexuals?

    Either case, the moment is wrong, the time and place are even wronger!

    Equality For All, None For The Bigots!

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