Russian Sochi Olympic Head Begs IOC To Help Stop The Bad Press. – Good Luck With That.

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The Russian organizing chief of the Sochi Olympic Games, Dmitry Chernyshenko is begging the International Olympic Committee to help downplay and do something about all the fallout over Russia’s anti-gay laws, because of the demonstrations and ramifications from around the world that it might cause at the Olympic Games.

AP reports:

“It’s very important to have your support to stop this campaign and this speculation regarding this issue,” Chernyshenko said at an assembly of members of the IOC.

Reuters also claims that Chernyshenko also said that the law banning “gay propaganda” does not affect gays. And because Putin recently gave an award to a gay person, Russia respects homosexuals.

“The constitution of the Russian Federation guarantees equality of rights for everybody in the country. It explicitly prohibits any form of discrimination,” he told the IOC session…

“We make this clear. This law recently passed does not prohibit homosexuality directly or indirectly. It does not contradict elements of the Olympic Charter. It will not stop 2014 proudly upholding the Olympic values,” Chernyshenko said.

“The law will have no impact for any guest visitor. Whether athletes or just fans or members of Olympic family, everybody is welcome to enjoy the fantastic Games.”

Chernyshenko said Putin had awarded “the highest Russian order” to a homosexual recently. “This is a greatest example of diversity of our country. It’s important to have your (IOC) support in this campaign.”

Meanwhile Sochi 2014 Marketing commission chairman Gerhard Heiberg added that is afraid that: “The American sponsors are afraid what could happen. This could ruin a lot for all of us.”


This is a sign that the protests are working we all need to keep the pressure going.

And as for Dmitry, Gerhard , and the IOC.   Cry me a fucking river boys. This is one PR battle that you will not win especially when he louder Russia screams their denials of injustice, the clearer picture becomes that they are lying and the world gets of the true situation.


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