Russia Snubs United Nations Ministerial Meeting on LGBT Rights

Russia anti-gay

In an unprecedented ministerial-level meeting at the United Nations, representatives from Argentina, Brazil, Croatia, El Salvador, France, the Netherlands, New Zealand, and Norway, joined Secretary of State John Kerry, the U.N. high commissioner of human rights, gay rights advocates, and other high level representatives of the European Union to discuss violence and discrimination against LGBT individuals.

And guess what?  Russia didn’t bother show up.

Participants at Thursday’s meeting adopted a declaration stating their countries’ “strong and determined commitment to eliminating violence and discrimination against individuals based on their sexual orientation and gender identity.”

Organized by the LGBT Core Group at the U.N.   Neither the Russian Embassy, nor the Russian Mission to the U.N. claimed to have known about the meeting.

The meeting “was announced,” said Charles Radcliffe, head of the global issues section at the UN human rights office in New York. “The fact that it was happening was not secret,” he said. “Any country could have requested to join.”

Okay.  Who’s not shocked?


1 thought on “Russia Snubs United Nations Ministerial Meeting on LGBT Rights

  1. Only eight other nations showed up and yet you are bashing Russia which apparently was not even aware of it. So, just who is this so-called “Core Group?” Is it only the eight plus the US? It sounds more like a sophomoric clique out to dis rather than promote real dialogue over concerns. Pompous and pretentious propaganda only serves to estrange rather than engage.

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