Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin Orders National Guard To STOP Awarding Same Sex Couples Benefits

Mary Fallin

Republican Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin (seen above with Rick Santorum) has ordered the Oklahoma National Guard to stop processing military benefits for same-sex couples joining Texas, Mississippi and Louisiana in refusing to obey orders from the Pentagon  to grant same sex married soldiers spousal benefits.

AP reports:

Fallin spokesman Alex Weintz told The Associated Press on Tuesday that the governor was following the wish of Oklahoma voters, who approved a constitutional amendment that prohibits giving benefits of marriage to gay couples.

Because of that prohibition, Weintz said the governor’s legal staff advised the Oklahoma National Guard not to process requests for benefits from gay couples

Another state militia in open rebellion against lawful orders from the military.  Some would call this treason.  Also while the GOP and Tea Party calls this a matter of “States Rights” they are wrong.  Bush federalized the National Guard after the terrorist attacks of 9/11, and federal control has not been relinquished.


4 thoughts on “Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin Orders National Guard To STOP Awarding Same Sex Couples Benefits

  1. Perhaps it is time for an example…

    This woman should be brought before a Military Tribunal, and accused of TREASON!
    And sentenced to the death penalty!

    They can put innocent people before a military tribunal (Quantanamo bay), so why not put on trial for treason someone who blatantly and openly refuses to obey and follow federal laws and rules?
    I call it treason of the prevailing power, and the Constitution!

    Down with the traitor!
    Hang the traitor!
    On water and bread with the traitor!


  2. Anyone have an idea what happens next on this move by Governor Mary the Bitch Fallin? Like does it take an official complaint to the Fed or the
    Pentagon from a potential same sex couples to get the ball rolling?

  3. To say this is treason is ridiculous. The state National Guard is set up for that particular state. And the current governor is the appointed “Commander-in-Chief” of that state’s National Guard. It is setup this way through a number of clauses in the constitution outlining the states right to create militias and to be used by the federal government. Also, of course Bush federalized the national guard after Sept. 11. We were under attack and basically declared war. The President has the authority to “federalize” the National Guard for service to the U.S. It’s kind of like supplementing the current full time/active duty military. But it’s not permanently federalized. With all of this said; Mary Fallin is specifically stoppng same-sex benefits at “state run” facilities. If same-sex couples want these benefits they will have to go to a federal institution(i.e, TAFB, Fort Sill) under Gov. Fallin’s orders. Oklahoma currently does not recognize same-sex marriage, therefore the residents of Oklahoma would not receive these benefits.

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