Obama Slams The GOP and Tea Party’s Forced Shutdown Of The Federal Government – Video


USA Today recaps:

President Obama blamed an imminent government shutdown on House Republicans Monday, and said his health care plan is “moving forward” despite GOP efforts to de-fund it. “You can’t shut it down,” Obama said of the law at the White House. Obama also said a partial government shutdown — which would start at midnight unless there is an 11th hour deal — will damage economic recovery and hurt “real people right away.” Obama said the shutdown will close federal offices, delay checks, close parks, and damage loan programs. Meanwhile, Social Security, Medicare, mail, and public safety functions will continue despite the shutdown, Obama said. “The federal government is America’s largest employer,” Obama said. “These Americans are our neighbors.” Accusing the Republicans of trying to re-fight last year’s election and the health care battles of 2009-10, Obama called delay and de-funding efforts “the height of irresponsibility.”

Personally, I don’t think “irresponsible” is the correct term. I call it treasonous.

What do you think?

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