National Organization for Marriage’s Brian Brown: Boycott EVERYTHING Gay Friendly!

Bryan Brown evil

“Did you know that Starbucks was recently reported to be perceived as the most LGBT-friendly brand in the U.S.? JCPenney, Target, Apple and Amazon round out the top five. If you’ve been following the national marriage battle over the past 18 months this should come as no surprise. Starbucks has said that gay ‘marriage’ is one of its corporate values. Target and JC Penny both support gay ‘marriage’ and the homosexual lifestyle in general, as does Apple. We only vote at a ballot box once a year at most. But we vote with our wallets every day. That’s why NOM maintains its Corporate Fairness Project – which includes the Dump Starbucks, Dump General Mills, and Thank Chick-fil-A initiatives – to inform you of what companies are taking active stands in the marriage battle, and where your money is best spent in defense of this sacred institution.”Brian Brownshirt, writing for NOM’s blog because he has nothing better to do to justify his half a million dollar a year hate salary.

Remember folks,when we want to boycott Chick-Fil-A or anti-gay Oregon bakeries we’re hetrofascist  bigots.

Well if nothing else Brain Brownshirt’s idiotic rant proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that NOM is NOT about protecting “traditional marriage” but is rather just an anti-gay organization against the “homosexual lifestyle”


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