Mark Regnerus Is Upset That Anti-Gay Russians Are Using His Bogus Anti-Gay Parenting Study

Mark Regenerus

Now that  anti-gay Russian lawmakers are citing University of Texas sociopath sociologist Mark Regnerus’s  bogus and anti-gay right wing backed study on gay parenting as reason to strip custody rights from gay parents, Regnerus is trying to backtrack and disassociate himself from the draconian Russian law by spinning a new “true meaning” of his widely discredited worked.

In an article in The Atlantic Regnerus writes:

“This may come as a surprise to those who have spent the past 15 months tagging my study as discredited or “debunked,” a silly and simplistic moniker given that the data is public and the analyses in the article are rather straightforward. Isn’t it hypocritical to blow the whistle on this use of the data while supporting other such uses, such as my own participation on an amici brief to the U.S. Supreme Court? No, it is not, because I oppose same-sex marriage and lawmaker Andrei Zhuravlyov’s draconian legislation for the same reason: every child has a mother and a father, and such kinship matters for kids. To be stably rooted in your married mother and father’s household is to foster the greatest chance at lifelong flourishing. It’s not necessary, of course. It just has the best odds.

Of course, such kinship ties are often broken, sometimes with intention (by mutual divorce, sperm donation, and some instances of surrogacy), sometimes by accident (as through the death of a parent), and sometimes by necessity (in the case of seeking protection from domestic violence), all through no fault of the child. A good society seeks to discourage broken kinship ties, and to struggle over how to manage those that are unavoidable. It does not respond by simply declaring biological bonds to be irrelevant or such brokenness only imagined.’

It’a a little late for Mark Regnerus to be backtracking his bought and paid for radical religious anti-gay right wing junk science piece of work in order to legitimize precisely the kind of hateful legislation that he meant it to be used for.  He only does so now because his discredited study is included in the fascist anti-gay Russian law that has been submitted to the Russian Duma and all the world can now see his homophobic hate destroys countless lives.



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