Matt Barber: We Don’t Hate You Because You Are Gay. We Hate You Because You’re Pushy Pervs!

Fat Matt Barber Liberty Counsel

“Christians aren’t ‘discriminating’ against you because of your ‘sexual orientation.’ We just refuse to endorse sinful lifestyles, behaviors, messages or events. And guess what. It’s our constitutional right to do so. The First Amendment trumps your newfangled ‘sexual orientation non-discrimination laws.’ Yet even if it didn’t, God’s law supersedes man’s law. Every time. But, hey, there is a bright side. It does keep me busy. It’s job security. It’s sending my kids to college. Every time you go after a Christian business owner, it gives guys like me tons of ammunition. I get to demonstrate from the rooftops that you’re a bunch of homofascists. You don’t want the world to know that you’re a bunch of homofascists, do you? Still, this was never about preventing “discrimination.” It’s always been about worldview – about mandating, under penalty of law, affirmation of a demonstrably destructive and sinful lifestyle. ‘Tolerance’ enforcement. The Gaystapo cometh. Celebrate diversity, y’all! Or else.” – Failed Boxer, failed insurance agent and current Liberty Counse hate group leader Matt Barber, writing for Wingnut World Net Daily.

“God’s law supersedes man’s law.”

Riiiiiiiiiight Matt.  How about you stone your disobedient children and sell your daughter into slavery and let me know how the appeal process works out.

Fat bastard.


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