Lawsuit Filed Against South Carolina School District After Teacher Harasses Gay Teen

Most evil

A lawsuit has been brought against the Charleston County School District after  West Ashley High School math teacher bullied and harassed a gay student in front of his classmates, resulting in the student’s attempted suicide.

The teacher repeatedly called the student “gay”, “gay boy”, and other names while the student was in front of his peers, and encouraged the victim’s classmates to join in on the name-calling and told the victim’s classmates that the student was in a homosexual relationship with another male classmate, and that they were “boyfriend and girlfriend”.

The lawsuit claims the school district was grossly negligent in failing to properly supervise the teacher, and failing to take steps which would have prevented, discovered, and stopped the teacher’s behavior.

The victim’s family is suing the school district for past, present and future damages associated with pain and suffering, mental anguish, the alteration of lifestyle, and past and future medical bills.

Not surprisingly though according to CCSD spokesperson Jason Sakran, the teacher is still employed by the school district.

In my opinion horsewhipping is too good for the adult teacher that did this to this poor teenager.


3 thoughts on “Lawsuit Filed Against South Carolina School District After Teacher Harasses Gay Teen

  1. I live in South Carolina. At least once a month my local newspaper, The Greenville News, publishes in the letters to the editor column some homophobic rant from a “real American” about the homosexual agenda and the punishment awaiting gays. It is no wonder that this teacher took pleasure in tormenting the student. But, this is outrageous even by South Carolina standards.

  2. I hope they win a billion dollars and bring the school district down to its knees. This is just awful. How can anyone be so mean especially to a child.This is extremely upsetting. I can’t believe the teacher is still there. I would love to know him name and see a picture of this asshole.

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