Hack “Author” Claims Matthew Shepard Was A Drug Dealer And His Killer Was His Bisexual Lover – Video

Stephen Jimenez

“Author”, for lack of a better word,  Stephen Jimenez has slandered and bashed the memory of Matthew Shepard since 2002 and now more then ten years years later he is doing so once again in his disgusting new book  “The Book of Matt: Hidden Truths About the Murder of Matthew Shepard.” 

Jimenez claims that he first became interested in Matthew’s story because he was writing a screenplay on Matthews murder. But claims he found proof that “Aaron McKinney was a male hustler, had been familiar with gay guys and gay bars” and “that he really did like having sex with gay guys and that he was not unfamiliar with homosexuality and the gay world,” which in Jimenez’s mind at least seemed to contradict the “gay panic” defense that McKinney’s lawyers were putting forth. What began as a trip to “fill in some color and detail” for a screenplay turned into a “13-year investigative obsession,” according to Kirkus reviews:

Drawing on both in-depth research and exhaustive interviews with more than 100 individuals around the United States, Jimenez meticulously re-examines both old and new information about the murder and those involved with it. Everyone had something to hide. For Aaron McKinney, one of the two men convicted of Shepard’s murder, it was the fact that he was Shepard’s part-time bisexual lover and fellow drug dealer. For Shepard, it was that he was an HIV-positive substance abuser with a fondness for crystal meth and history of sexual trauma. Even the city of Laramie had its share of dark secrets that included murky entanglements involving law enforcement officials and the Laramie drug world.

Jiminez has been peddling this story since 2002, two months before reporting began for a “20/20” piece on the Matthew Shepard killing, which Jimenez sold to the ABC program and had decided beforehand that methamphetamine motivated the murder and not anti-gay bias writing  in an e-mail that the “‘hate crime’ motivation of Shepard’s death” was a “flawed theory.”

Now more than 10 years later he is still recycling this hateful theory, which by the way he has no concrete evidence or proof of to make a quick buck. And for Andrew Sullivan to shill for this sleazy feral maggot whore’s work makes him no better.

Fuck you Stephen Jimenez.  You better hope that we never meet.


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  1. I went over to “The Paper Plate” to see if there was more on this and I’m left with the final words of “Investigative journalism at its relentless and compassionate best.”

    I want to puke….

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