Guido Barilla Apologizes For Offending Gays Worldwide. No One Cares – Video

Barilla Bigitoni

Guido Barilla,  chairman and CEO of Barilla pasta has issued ANOTHER apology, this time on video saying that he is sorry for telling an  Italian radio show that Barilla is a company that “likes the traditional family.”  And therefore, you’re not going to see any gays in Barilla’s advertising.  And if gays don’t like it, “they can always go eat someone else’s pasta.”

Barilla swears he’s “never discriminated against anyone” and promises to meet with LGBT activists. He had already apologized via a series of statements, including one in which he claimed to “respect” gays.

“Yesterday I apologized for offending many people around the world. Today I am repeating that apology,” he says in the video. “Through my entire life I have always respected every person I’ve met, including gays and their families, without any distinction. I’ve never discriminated against anyone. I have heard the countless reactions around the world to my words, which have depressed and saddened me, it is clear that I have a lot to learn about the lively debate concerning the evolution of the family. In the coming weeks, I pledge to meet representatives of the group that best represent the evolution of the family, including those who have been offended by my words.”

PLEASE NOTE:  In the video below that the camera only recorded Guido from ABOVE the waist to disguise the fact that his pants are on fire.

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  1. He is only depressed and saddened because his investors and partners are livid at his stupidity. He is not sincere. If he was he would never have shot his mouth off. This is the 21st century for christ’s sakes. Not the 15th. His head must be up his ass.

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