Gresham, Oregon Bakery That Denied Same-Sex Wedding Cake Closed

Sweet Cakes by Melissa closed

Sweet Cakes by Melissa a bakery in Gresham, Oregon refused to bake a lesbian couples wedding cake in early February because  “it’s was against their religious beliefs”  has CLOSED.

In August, the Bureau of Labor and Industries said it was conducting an investigation to determine if the bakery violated the Oregon Equality Act of 2007, which protects the rights of LGBT Oregonians.

Aaron Klein, one of the owners of the Sweet Cakes by Melissa, refused to sell the cake to one of the brides-to-be because he said marriage should be only between a man and a woman.

The couple later filed a complaint with the justice department, which Klein’s attorney Herbert Grey responded to.  In his letter, Grey says the couple “elected not to participate in an event that is not even officially recognized under Oregon law when doing so would violate their constitutionally-protected conscience and religious beliefs.”

But right minded customers felt otherwise and Sweet Cakes by Melissa’s business took a major hit due to its anti-gay bigotry.

The bakery now sits  empty. All counter tops, display cases and decorations are gone and hanging in the window was a sign from the Oregon Family Council that read “Religious freedom is under attack in Gresham.”

Sweet Cakes by Melissa posted on its Facebook page, “This will be our last weekend at the shop we are moving our business to an in home bakery. I will post our new number soon.”

Perhaps this will make these bigots realize that you can’t have their cake and eat it too.


4 thoughts on “Gresham, Oregon Bakery That Denied Same-Sex Wedding Cake Closed

  1. And so should it be with all religious zealots, fanatics and bigots… closing shop and keeping it behind the frontdoors of their private homes!

    And when thinking about it… even there they can not do what they want to do, they are subject to health regulations no do8bt, when they want to sell their bakings, so somehow they are subject to public inspection……

    My motto:

    Equality for All and None for the Bigots!

  2. You and I are on the same page Master Adrian. I think it is a shame that Religious Freedom has come to mean the same thing as bigotry.

    It is very sad that these people have lost their livelihood over the baking of a cake. Very foolish. And they not only lost the battle but they (the religious wrong) are losing the war too.

    1. Welll,to honest…. I think it is a good thing that the creatures involved, the religious terrorist refusing to bake a cake for people who love different from theirs, are banned from public commercial activities, and I think also that all these same creatures should banned from any(!) commercial enterprise!

      Of course these people are, in comparison, equal to the footman of the Taliban and Al Qaida, the real leaders are higher at the top, and those make the rules were the footfolk are the ones who execute the orders…… and obviously suffer. The real leaders have the money and live a luxurious life were the people on the floor are struggling to both have a living and also follow their misleading leaders!

      Although I feel that the footfolk are the ones who must be removed from society, it should be the top-bigots who should be exposed as the most sick, the most corrupt and most foul ever…. the bigamists, the money-launderers, the closeted homosexuals with their meetings in motel- and hotel-rooms, the biggest blasphemers, and the most obnoxious creatures ever existed! I think that once these are exposed, the footfolk will see who misled them, and how misguided they were!

      Equality For All, None For the Bigots!

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