FRC President Tony Perkins Attacks Betty Crocker and Her Anti-Christian Cake Mix

Tony Perkins FRC KKK

Family Research Council President and hate group leader Tony Perkins during his “Christian” radio show today told his anti-gay minions to  BOYCOTT Betty Crocker because the retail food giant supports “all families” and makes an anti-Christian cake mix.

At Betty Crocker, the only thing they’re mixing up is their priorities.

Hi, I’m Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council in Washington, D.C.

If you ask conservatives, Betty Crocker’s latest promotion is a recipe for disaster. This summer, the famous dessert line decided to jump on the same-sex “marriage” bandwagon-and bring cakes to celebrate. In Minnesota, where parent company General Mills is headquartered, Betty Crocker decided to donate wedding cakes to the first homosexual couples who exchanged vows on the first day that counterfeit marriage was legal. “Betty celebrates all families,” said manager Laura Forero. “We don’t want to be old fashioned,” the company explained. Unfortunately for General Mills, the majority of Americans think natural marriage is anything but old fashioned. And they’ve made it tough on companies like Target, Starbucks, and JC Penney who disagree. Know where your money is going. When you’re at the store, think outside the Betty Crocker box! For a full list of products that are undermining marriage, check out

I’m sure the fact that Betty shows off her  pearl necklace on every box is part of the problem also.  Smut. Pure smut. They may as well start calling it Bukkake Crocker *snort*

So lets get this “straight”.

When hate groups like the FRC and the National Organization for Marriage call for  boycotts against LGBT-friendly companies, that is a righteous crusade.  But when GAY groups use or threaten the use of a boycott it’s  homofascist intolerance, and bullying.

You can also support Betty Crocker by visiting “her” website.

As for Ms. Perkins.  Let her eat cake! (And choke on it.)

4 thoughts on “FRC President Tony Perkins Attacks Betty Crocker and Her Anti-Christian Cake Mix

  1. Don’t get me started! I have had the same difficulty in reasoning with morons on the Facebook group We Defend Traditional Marriage … And We’re Gay! (yes, it does exist; no, I don’t believe them to be gay at all). Of course, any rational retort in opposition to their views, no matter how polite and deferential, sees the poster BLOCKED. Responding in this way – that why is it anti-Christian to boycott a bakery that refuses to bake a wedding cake for a lesbian couple – … well, you can guess what happened.

  2. WOW!!!! The dude is really getting desperate. Even more it blows me away that people even believe the shit that comes out of his ass, I mean mouth. And send him there hard earned money. So SAD really.

    1. This person (I don’t consider him a man) thing needs to be put away in some mental ward. He has truly lost it and should be considered crazy nuts. I just can’t believe people take him seriously and even donate there hard earned money to him. Blows me away how stupid people can be…but then again little old ladies are daily still sending there social security checks to that sick bastard Pat Roberts so he can install yet more gold fixtures in his bathrooms.

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