Famed UK Gay Activist Peter Thatchell Denounces Russia’s Nikolai Alexeyev Over His Anti-Semitism

Peter Thatchell

Britan’s famed global gay rights advocate Peter Tatchell has finally distanced himself from Nikolai Alexeyev and has denounced him for his blatant anti-semitism and his hateful public statement against the Jewish community.

In a short comment left two days ago at the Gay City News page for Dour Ireland’s column condemning Alexeyev, Peter has publicly broken ties with Alexeyev after his recent insane rants

“Nikolai WAS a courageous, inspiring activist. He challenged the homophobic Kremlin and Moscow mayor. He did much good for the LGBT cause in Russia. But his anti-Semitic rants are inexcusable. I have asked him many times to explain and apologise but he has not done so. A sad and tragic fall. But there can be no truck with those who promote any form of bigotry. Liberation is for all – not just LGBTs.”

Alexeyev who in the past has staged his own kidnapping has recently gone off the deep end and has been attacking any outside pro-LGBT influence in the fight for Russian LGBT equality because  he no longer is in the spotlight and in sole control of the fate of Russia’s gay community.

h/t Mike Petrelis of The Petrelis Files



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